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Self Wash & Self Vacuum

In the building to the rear of the car wash property we offer three self-wash bays for customer use. The self-wash meters are $3 per 4 minutes of wash time, with a minimum of $3 to start, but you can add as much time as you’d like. Options include: high pressure soap wash, soapy foam brush, high pressure water rinse, wax, engine degreaser, and wheel cleaner, all of which are selected on the meters, which have a visual and audio timer. The meters accept $5 bills, $1 bills, and quarters and do not give change.

In the lot directly across from the self-wash building are our self-vacuums. These machines take quarters and are $1 per turn of the vacuum.

If you need change for either of these services, or have any problems with them, please ask the car wash attendants at the front building for help.