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Exterior Wash

We offer several options ranging from a basic soap and water wash to a high end one including special soaps, waxes, wheel cleaner, and tire shine. In order to purchase a wash, you simply pull up to one of the service kiosks at the entrance to the tunnel, select your preferred choice or choices, and pay via credit card or cash. Take your receipt, and when the gate opens you can pull forward. One of our employees will guide you onto the track and check your receipt to make sure you get the correct wash. At the end, you can either pull in for an interior cleaning or just for a free towel dry.

Our Unlimited Wash Club is available for each level of wash package. For just the cost of two washes per month, billed directly to your credit card, you get an RFID tag that allows you to wash your car as much as you’d like. Our Unlimited Wash Club can be signed up for using the same kiosk at the car wash tunnel entrance – just make sure to show your receipt to the attendant and, once the wash is over, stop by the interior cleaning area to get one of those RFID tags affixed to your windshield for your future visits. The club is billed on a month-to-month, automatic-renewal basis, meaning that you will continue to be billed unless you cancel, but you can cancel at any time. If you have a question about a new or existing account, please visit our Contact Us page.

Please see below for options and pricing:

Unlimited Wash Club Pricing:

  • Soapy Wash Unlimited: $14 per month
  • Silver Wash Unlimited: $22 per month
  • Gold Wash Unlimited: $26 per month
  • Platinum Wash Unlimited: $32 per month